Blublocker 0605 Pilot Gull Polarisert

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Ny polarisert pilotsolbrille fra Blublocker. NB! I følge ny forskning gir orange solbriller bedre søvnkvalitet!

Our customers repeatedly called requesting more polarized sunglasses so we have now added these new POLARIZED models to our BluBlocker Collection. In a lightweight gold wire frame, sized to fit both women and men alike, these are the perfect sunglass to dress up or down. With exceptional visual clarity and sharpness, ultra-light construction, and superior comfort, these ultimate Polarized BluBlocker sunglasses are great for reducing glare any time of the year. This Polarized model gives all the benefits of polarization plus blocks harmful ultraviolet rays so you can experience unparalleled crisp, clear vision and a guaranteed chic classic look.

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