Cessna skulderbag Navy

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Ny skulderbag fra Cessna, kraftig lerret. Med uthevet Cessna logo.

Inspired by the haversacks of Canadian First World War soldiers, the Cessna Shoulder Bag is a rugged, all-purpose satchel that’s light enough to travel anywhere.

Perfect for carrying charts plus your wallet, keys and phone.

100% cotton twill with adjustable padded shoulder strap. Imported.


  • L 14″ 1/2 – W 3″ 1/2 – 11″ 1/2

Cessna Aircraft Products:
When Clyde Cessna taught himself to fly in 1911 it was the start of a unique relationship between man and machine. To thousands of air men and women today the name "Cessna" has come to symbolize flying itself. 

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