DVD Preflight a Fixed Wing ASA

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DVD Preflight a Fixed Wing ASA
Learn proper preflight procedures and how to perform a routine preflight inspection of a light-sport aircraft (LSA) airplane to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. Follow a routine preflight inspection to learn the proper way to ensure a safe, enjoyable flight. Sport Pilot expert Paul Hamilton role-plays as the student embarking on his first flight in a fixed wing LSA. Instructor Jeff Reynolds takes Paul through an easy-to-follow and comprehensive preflight inspection. This straightforward presentation is truly informative and educational for the beginner pilot, as well as the experienced aviator wanting a refresher or transitioning aircraft. The beautiful cinematography features plenty of in-flight footage that captures the thrill and adventure of flying a light-sport aircraft. Preflight procedures are the most important steps a pilot can take to ensure a safe flight – the pilot-in-command is responsible for determining whether the aircraft is in safe condition. Prior to every flight, a pilot should at least perform a walk-around inspection of the aircraft to determine its airworthiness. Watch this DVD to understand how this walk-around inspection should be accomplished. Includes booklet with worksheets and checklists for an interactive learning experience. Program Outline: Preflight Overview Cockpit and Controls Landing Gear Wing Powerplant Control Cables Tail Cockpit entry for flight Flight Special DVD features: Scene selection Movie trailers Digitally mastered Interactive menus English digital audio Main feature total running time 00:37:00
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