Gath Surf Convertible

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Gath Surf Convertible.

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Gath Surf Convertible, Vannhjelm fra Gath! Passer ypperlig til kiting, vindsurfing, padling etc. Vi lagerfører farge Vi lagerfører farge gul!


Gath Surf Convertible, designed for the surf, is the lightest helmet available world wide. Its unique fitting system provides an incredibly snug comfortable suction cap fit idea for punching through waves. 

Gath ear protectors are easily removed to expose the ears - ideal for hot weather - or easily attached, becoming an extention of the helmet shell for added impact protection and extra warmth in cold conditions. Adjustable audio vents allow further flexibility to shut out the cold wind or open to improve hearing.


Size Chart
Gath Surf Convertibles are fitted with comfort strip as follows:
Helmet Size Comfort Strip Fitted Additional Strip/s Fits Head Size
Small 7.5mm 9mm & 10.5mm 540mm - 555mm
Medium 4.5mm 6mm 560mm - 575mm
Large 7.5mm 9mm & 10.5mm 580mm - 590mm
X Large 4.5mm 6mm 595mm - 610mm
This sizing chart is a guide only, as head shapes vary.
Measurements should be taken around the head - mid forehead, just above the ears.

Peak for Gath Surf Convertible SFC Peak protects your eyes and face against damaging sunlight and when paddling or riding a wave are easily flipped up allowing total vision. Available in RIBBED and SMOOTH peak styles.
RIBBED PEAK GO PRO READY GoPro - Gedi "PEAK MOUNT" securely holds all model GoPro Cameras (Camera Base fitted to Peak by strong RUST PROOF SCREWS).
Go Pro Camera Mount GoPro Camera Mount allows you the convenience of easy clip on clip off camera mounting.
Visor for Surf Convertible Half Face Visor
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