HQ Kiteboard Freestyle 130x39

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As a result of countless hours on the water and uncompromising product testing by top riders, we now proudly present our brand-new HQ kiteboard series that leaves no wishes unfulfilled even for demanding riders. “100% Made in Europe” guarantees quality of the highest level. Sturdy wood core, bound with robust ABS rails. Reinforcements and stiffness in the middle sections provide a high driving dynamics. Every board delivers a superb rider feedback right from the start.

Never do things by halves…our radical freestyle boards are designed with professional riders in mind who would like to really go to the limits with these uncompromising jumping machines. Early planning combined with excellent tracking stability will put a smile on every riders face. More sports fun without pressure marks due to extremely comfortable bindings. Due to the “Toe Grip” these boards stick on your feet like a magnet during jumping. The new FS 42 provides long glides after tricks and is a great choice for those looking to push themselves in wakestyle riding.

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