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  • Specially designed for Military, Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue
  • The Rapid Response Control Ring allows the user to select between three different brightness levels, as well as, a strobe function
  • Stainless steel rapid response control ring
  • Features JETBeam's new randomizing strobe--"Strobe Randomizer", taking strobe to a new level
  • Stainless steel bezel protect the head from impacts
  • Stainless steel crenulated bezel can be used as a glass breaker or defensive tool
  • Anti-roll design
  • Max output of 313 Lumen with an effective range of 300+ yards
  • Reflector specially designed for CREE LED, which allows for better beam quality, efficiency and throw capability
  • Newly designed high efficiency broad voltage drive circuit Compatible with both CR123 batteries and 18650 rechargeable Li-ions
  • Shock absorbent springs on both ends decreases battery impact from recoil, impacts, and drops
  • Built-in intelligent Li-ion rechargeable batteries protection circuit
  • Impact-resistant accords with US MIL-STD-810F IPX 8 standard waterproof
  • RRT-1 can utilize the "RM-01" tactical pressure switch and other available accessories

Dimension: Head Diameter 55mm, Tube Diameter25.4mm, Total Length160mm

Cree R5 Specs:

High Mode
Using 2*CR123A batteries: 313 Lumens, 2 Hours
Using 2*RCR123 Li-ion batteries: 313 Lumens, 1 Hour
Using 1*18650 Li-ion battery: 313 Lumens, 3 Hours

Mid Mode
Using 2*CR123A batteries: 1110 Lumens, 6 Hours
Using 2*RCR123 Li-ion batteries: 110 Lumens, 3 Hours
Using 1*18650 Li-ion battery: 110 Lumens, 8 Hours

Low Mode
Using 2*CR123 batteries: 35 Lumens, 18 Hours

Strobe Mode
Using 2*CR123A batteries: 300 Lumens, 4 Hours
Using 2*RCR123 Li-ion batteries: 300 Lumens, 2 Hour
Using 1*18650 Li-ion battery: 300 Lumens, 6 Hours

Batteries used for testing:
CR123: Panasonic CR123A capacity 1350mAH
RCR123 Li-ion: 3.7V 650mAH
18650 Li-ion: 3.7V 2600mAH

Max intensity: 22500 cd
Throw: 300 meters

The above data is in accordance with the international ANSI/NEMA FL1 flashlight standard. It is measured by using 2 x Panasonic CR123A battery (1350mAH) in the lab. Different batteries or environmental factors may influence the data outcome.

This measuring standard is different from the previous method used, thus the reported data will be different than the specs of previous models. This method is more a more accurate standard.

***These lights are designed for "throw" and hence come with an SMO (smooth) reflector. The SMO reflector is designed to focus the beam into a tight pattern, which allows the light to reach upwards of 300-500 yards. This light will emit rings around the edge of the hot spot due to the SMO (smooth reflector). If you're looking for a light that offers the most throw possible out of a reflector, then look no further!
The single 18650 Thrower market has been rapidly expanding lately and many manufacturers want to make sure they have a slice of that pie. Does JETBeam’s RRT-1 have what it takes to stand out in such a crowded market or does more of the same translate into too much of a good thing?

JETBeam Raptor RRT-1

Meat and Potatoes

With such a huge offering available currently, it has begun to be a little difficult to differentiate between all the myriad models in this popular genre of lights. The JETBeam RRT-1 joins such lights as the 4Sevens Maelstrom G5 and the Ray Tactical X60 and keeps pace with them nearly feature for feature. Size, output, LED, focus and appearance all find themselves so closely matched that the deciding factor on most lights in this category is User Interface. While others have gone with everything from basic to new and proprietary, JETBeam has chosen the tried and true control ring that is a favorite of many flashaholics including yours truly.

Control Ring UI

3 outputs plus a strobe may sound like quite a simplistic setup in today’s world of infinite choices, and in many ways it is, but the simplicity of operation is where this torch genuinely shines. When mode selections are as easy to locate with the light on or off with just a twist of the dial, you spend less time concentrating on how to use your light, and more time just using it. The strobe feature of the RRT-1 is worth mentioning because it is the first light I have yet seen with a non-consistent strobe frequency. It is constantly adjusting from a very rapid to a rather slow flash and back again and I imagine would be very disorienting.
JETBeam has stuffed the current favorite R5 bin Cree XP-G LED into the Raptor RRT-1 pushing it hard enough to hit the 350 lumen mark and uses a large smooth reflector to collimate the beam and expel it on it’s way down-range. The result is predictably a small, tightly focused hotspot with a large usable transitional corona and a wide spillbeam that is still surprisingly useful. There is once again a number of rings and minor artifacts in the beam, especially in the corona region, but JETBeam cautiously warns you in their literature that those could appear. Their reasoning is that this light is built specifically as a throw based torch and as such, the smooth reflector has been chosen to further that cause in spite of such potential inconveniences. Thankfully these are rather minor and not terribly problematic in practical use, so I will let it slide this time. At least they warned me.

Business end

The anodizing of the RRT-1 takes on the same pewter cast that was found on previous offerings I have reviewed. This really is a fantastic color for a light. It escapes the boring black found on nearly every other tool in this category, without attempting to venture into any wilder colors that may not be to everyone’s liking. The fit and finish of the light appears to be flawless to me, with the durability of the coating likely putting into the Type-III anodizing area. This light has taken a number of unintentional drop tests onto concrete with only minor wear to show for it. The lighter shade of the control ring itself gives a fantastic final touch creating a dual-tone look that is the aesthetic icing on the cake.

Constructive Criticism

Once again I run into a huge pet peeve of mine. The Raptor RRT-1 is using the same semi-protruding tailcap switch that I take issue with on so many other lights. Only occasionally will I see one that doesn’t really present a frustration when this concept is implemented. How can a light that is supposed to be intended for tactical use (its naming acronym stands for Rapid Response Tactical) intentionally offer a hindrance in the way of activating the switch? Since this light is so incredibly head-heavy as to be only barely tail-standable in the first place, I really don’t see the advantage gained here over a true protruding switch.

Scalloped Tail

Though the UI method is something to be lauded to be sure, it isn’t without complaint. The three levels chosen by JETBeam for this torch are placed a bit too closely together to gain maximum usefulness. The gap between levels is definitely distinguishable during mode selection, but if you turn the light on in a darkened room with dark adapted eyes, you can easily question whether you were correct in your pre-selection of output. I would have preferred that they use the current low as a medium mode, and choose something significantly lower for their minimum output. I can understand the usefulness of not choosing a “moon” mode for the bottom end, but something a bit stealthier would probably serve a better purpose than having all three modes so closely spaced. As a final UI note, I would also recommend losing the “Standby” mode selection that is, in my opinion, of dubious usefulness. I really can’t see a situation where it would be better to use that option than to just hit the tailcap switch in the first place.

JETBeam has offered absolutely no extras meant for flashlight retention with this light. Due to it’s slightly ungainly size and shape, it is really not a pocket light in the least respect. This is ideally a belt-holstered torch and probably should have been shipped with one as an included extra. In order to actually force myself to carry the RRT-1 around on a daily basis, I resorted to stealing a large holster from another light in my collection.


JETBeam Raptor RRT-1
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