Pilotkoffert ASA Brief

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Product Description: ASA's Flight Bags bring pilot gear to a new level; they're among the most functional pilot bags available and classy enough to be taken straight from the airplane to the boardroom. With a clean, sophisticated and professional look, these bags have been designed and engineered to be supremely functional. Theyre able to stand up to the toughest treatment possible and still look great at the end of the day. - The Pilot Briefcase features an expandable, zippered main compartment with room for all ground and flight school necessities. The outer flap provides easy access to a chart pocket with multiple accessory storage areas to store everything from pencils and pens, to flashlights and flight computers. The flap buckles are rugged, as is the 600D Nylon bag for exceptional durability. This bag is included with the ASA Student Pilot kits. Also perfect for laptop computers. - Each bag is black with the ASA wings logo tastefully silver-embroidered on the top. Count on ASAs AirClassics Flight Bags to bring many years of utility and pride. - Dimensions: 15-1/2"L x 11"H x 3"W

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