Scalex MapWheel

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Scalex MapWheel provides a simple, fast and accurate way to measure distances on maps, whether in straight lines or along curves. Just set the MapWheel’s scale to match the map, then roll the wheel along the route you want to measure. The distance is digitally measured and displayed instantly. The MapWheel measures in miles, kilometers, and nautical miles. Portable, uses two AAA batteries (included).

  • 19 built-in user scale factors including all common
    map scales
  • Measures in miles, kilometers and nautical miles
  • Counter and adder buttons on probe tip let you count stops made or add fixed destination lengths as you measure
  • Calculate auto-scale factor from reduced, enlarged or odd-scale maps
  • Create, store and retrieve user scale factors
  • Clear, audible tone indicates wheel movement
  • Easy-to-read liquid crystal display shows length, count and scale factor simultaneously
  • Automatic shut-off assures long battery life
  • Low battery indicator
  • One year limited warranty
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