Small Unmanned Aircraft System Guide

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The utility and benefits of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) are being increasingly recognized across the aviation industry. Beginning with the history and evolution of drones, this book covers typical sUAS designs (including types of multirotor, fixed-wing, and hybrid), major elements and equipment, related technology, common uses, and safety practices. It also provides guidance and resources to help readers make well-informed decisions regarding purchase and use and how to determine a path forward through the complex legal, business, operational, and support considerations.

 Whether they use sUAS to address a business need or for recreation, in this book readers get the knowledge they need to acquire certification approvals, evaluate and purchase an sUAS, and operate in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Written for experienced aviators as well as those new to aviation and operating in the National Airspace System, the easy-to-read format features full-color illustrations, a list of abbreviations, and an index. Ideal textbook for classroom instruction as well as self-study.

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