The Basic Aerobatic Manual ASA

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In this manual covering basic aerobatics, Bill Kershner introduces maneuvers in order of difficulty, covering a variety of them in his clear, understandable, and humorous style. The Basic Aerobatic Manual is fully illustrated with the author's own drawings and contains a practical syllabus, a detailed bibliography and an index. Though the manual emphasizes airspeeds and techniques recommended for the Cessna Aerobat, the maneuvers described in the book may be performed in other airplanes certified for aerobatics. This manual explains and illustrates 26 aerobatic maneuvers in a six-lesson supplement to introductory aerobatics instruction. It covers the following subjects: Introduction to Aerobatic Flight • Federal Aviation Regulations • Physical Condition • Acceleration Forces Preparatory Manuevers • Stalls • Steep Power Turns • The Chandelle • The Wingover • The Lazy Eight Spins • A General Review • Mechanics of the Spin • Spinning the Aerobat Basic Aerobatic Maneuvers • The Three Fundamentals • The Aileron Roll • The Loop • The Snap Roll Loop-Roll Combinations • Loops followed by Aileron Rolls • The Cloverleaf • The Cuban Eight • The Immelmann • The Coordination Exercise • Spins and Combinations More Variations and Combinations • The Barrel Roll • The Snap at the Top of a Loop • The Reverse Cuban Eight • Hesitation Rolls • The Reverse Cloverleaf Recoveries from Unusual Attitudes • Wake Turbulence • Hoodwork
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