The Introductory Helicopter Flying Lesson

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The introductory helicopter flying lesson is for most people
For anyone undertaking an Introductory Helicopter Flying Lesson or trial lesson, this book takes the prospective helicopter pilot through what is involved in the first flying lesson in a helicopter. The fundamentals of helicopter flight are described in practical and understandable terms as is the basic format of an introductory lesson so that anybody can get the best from their introductory lesson in a helicopter. The book goes on to explain about further training and about the Private Pilot’s Licence (Helicopters) – PPL(H) – itself. • Ideal preparation for the introductory helicopter flying lesson • Includes practical safety briefing and flying advice • Contains a short introduction to the principles of flight • Also covers the PPL syllabus and what a pilot can do after gaining the PPL This book will appeal to those thinking of taking up helicopter flying, somebody taking just an introductory lesson, or anybody who wants to know how a helicopter is flown and controlled. Covers Joint Aviation Regulations (JAR) procedures.
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