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UFlyQ L1 light weight

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UFlyQ L1 light weight
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UFlyQ L1 light weight

Rimelig lightweight set med god støydeming (ikke ANR)


UFQ Super Light weight Aviation Headset UFQ L1 

In ear type light weight aviation headset UFQ L1

World’s Lightest Aviation Headset only 130g weight !

Quiet as ANR - Comfortable like nothing else !

The best design of earphone comply to ergonomics great fit for ear canal !
This is the latest and patented aviation headset.
Patent numbers:ZL 201530300058.3 

This item now is very popular and we sell very well! 

Here some customers' feedback 
Very good headset,lightweight,and blocks lot of noise.Comfortable for long flights.
Good seller!!! Worked perfectly!! Great headset!!!

Main Features:

1) The lightest aviation headset in the world only 130g weight

2) Great Noise Reduction Ratio with NRR:26 dB 

3) The best design of earphone comply to ergonomics great fit for ear canal

4) Super comfortable for long time wear, let you enjoy flying all the time 

5) The latest fashion design makes pilots cool 

6) Amplified electret noise cancelling microphone 

7) Enhanced higher fidelity sound speaker system for crystal clear communication.

8) Dual volume controls on the control box 

9) Great sound quality while listen to music with super base Link cable music include


10) With Mono/Stereo Switch 



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