UflyQuiet PH5 PG hjelm

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 Kun str M igjen Vi har kun 1 stk. igjen som vi selger til "fantasi" pris!

Vi har fått inn et parti PG hjelmer fra UFQ. CE godkjente hjelmer til hyggelig pris! U Fly Quiet UFQ paragliding helmet UFQ PH-5 EN966 Certificated! All Yueny Helmets now EN966 Certificated!! Helmet Specification for UFQ PH-5 Our helmets are made by best material and under good quality control. Materials: Fiberglass outer shell +EPS Inner shell Can resist outside impact and provide excellent protection for the players’ head and face (with face guard). The elegant outlook makes player cool. Character for Paragliding Helmet UFQ PH-5 1) Elegant outlook, Various and easy-taking size and package 2) With comfortable and quality Velvet liner, impact-resistant Fiberglass outer shell and EPS Inner shell. 3) Use 100% quality materials. 4) 4 different colors for clients choose. 5) Suitable for paraglider players in competition and in leisure games

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