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Meget velillustrert og god bok i fra Jeppesen! Ny edition 2021.

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Jeppesen's Guided Flight Discovery Instrument/Commercial Manual provides the most complete explanations of aeronautical concepts for professional pilots through the use of colourful illustrations and full colour photos. This primary source for initial study and review includes Principles of Instrument Flight, The Flight Environment, Instrument Charts and Procedures, Aviation Weather and IFR Flight Operations and Commercial Pilot Operations, as well as an introductory look at Building Professional Experience. The most comprehensive and visually appealing Instrument/Commercial Manual ever!

Topics covered in the Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Manual include:

Principles of instrument flight
Flight environment
Instrument charts and procedures
Aviation weather
IFR / commercial pilot operations
Introduction to building professional experience
IFR flight planning using Jeppesen Internet Flight Planner
Effects of Airframe Icing on Aircraft Control
ATC Weather Avoidance Assistance
SRM Terminology
Features of the Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Manual:

Concise and complete explanations of fundamental concepts
Subjects build on one another from section to section
Strategically-placed Discovery Insets supplement your learning
Human Elements Inserts help you understand the mind/body/flight connection
FAA Question Insets help you with related test questions
Summary checklists at the end of each section
Key terms are highlighted throughout
Review questions are presented after each section
Revised November 2021

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