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Lightspeed's mest populære headset i ny utgave! Bestill nå! 7 års garanti!

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It is with great excitement that we announce that our new Zulu 3 ANR headset has earned Aviation Consumer's 2017 Editor's Choice Award, citing its comfort, quality, and value. It's clear that the enhanced comfort and durability of our new Zulu 3 headset — layered on top of the remarkable quieting, audio fidelity, and advanced features the Zulu line has always been known for — has hit a sweet spot with pilots and publishers alike. Because they don't accept advertising revenue, Aviation Consumer is considered an unbiased, and therefore highly credible, source of information on the latest aviation products.

Receiving the Aviation Consumer 2017 Editor's Choice Award further reinforces our message of comfort and durability and our strategy of focusing on those features that the vast majority of pilots appreciate most. The award is also a powerful tool in our campaign to convince pilots that Zulu 3 — and Lightspeed — is the best choice in aviation headsets for nearly every mission.


We encourage you to take full advantage of the honor Zulu 3 has earned and the positive awareness it will generate. To help you in your efforts, we have created special banner advertising and POP signage. Digital versions of both can be found on our Brand Resources page and printed POP signs can be ordered at our POP Warehouse. See below for full information on both of these valuable resources



Meet Zulu 3

The most comfortable, most durable headset Lightspeed has ever made.


Zulu 3 is backed by an industry-best 7-year warranty

  7 year warranty
Zulu 3  

“Lightspeed Zulu is comfortable, tough and clear. A hard-working headset for hard-working people.”

Corrine McLaughlin
Co-Founder of Flight4Lives
Private Pilot
British Airways employee

What makes the new Zulu 3 superior to its competitors?


More comfortable

  • Performance ear seals are tapered to provide a more natural fit, for greater comfort and stability
  • Plush ear seals provide 20% more surface area than its leading competitor, for a better seal around glasses frames and a more comfortable distribution of side pressure
  • Larger cup cavity provides 50% more space for your ears, allowing the entire ear to fit comfortably inside, while preventing the pain caused by seals pressing against the edge of the ear

More durable

  • New rugged cables built around a Kevlar core deliver more strength and flexibility with less weight than standard cables
  • Nearly 100% of the headset is made from stainless steel and magnesium
  • Magnesium ear cups are both strong and light, while delivering superior high-frequency noise attenuation
  Durable slider
Carrying a Zulu 3 Pilot in cockpit

More clarity

  • The Dual Aperture Disc™ microphone provides greater noise cancellation for clearer, more intelligible communications
  • Exclusive, user-adjustable mic gain helps balance loud and soft voices in a multi-headset environment
  • Front Row Center™ (FRC), stereo cross-feed technology, and redesigned speakers deliver crisp, rich audio and unparalleled music fidelity

Lightspeed performance

  • Award-winning active noise cancellation (ANR) delivers consistent performance over a deep, broad range of low frequency noise
  • Zulu preferred 3 to 1 over our nearest competitor by professional pilots who flew with both
  • Zulu 3 is backed by an industry-best 7-year warranty

New! Zulu 3

Meet Zulu 3, the most comfortable, most durable headset Lightspeed has ever made.

  Lightspeed Aviation ranked #1 in the latest Headset Preference Survey by Professional Pilot magazine

Zulu 3 builds on the performance and features that have made the legendary Zulu line the choice of private and professional pilots worldwide, but adds a number of enhancements to deliver even more comfort and durability:

  • New Performance ear seals are designed to hug the curve of the jaw, creating a more natural fit that increases comfort and stability.
  • New cables built around a Kevlar core are stronger and more flexible than standard cables, while weighing less. These are the same cables that have been proven on PFX and wireless Tango®.
  • Zulu 3 is backed by an industry-best 7-year warranty, two years more protection than offered on other premium headsets.
  • An optional free taller head pad ensures maximum comfort and performance on smaller head shapes.
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