Pilot PA11-40 headset

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Finnes både for GA og for Helikopter! 

This headset sets the standard for comfort and clear communications while providing superior noise protection. This was the first headset model we ever produced and it remains one of our best buys. Loaded with features, we invite comparisons to our competitors. Helicopter versions are available. Features include: Noise Attenuation: 24dB Music/Cell Input: No Boom Type: Metal/Flex Earseals: Liquid Headpad: Air-Foam Microphone: PA7 Electret Volume: Earcup control Stereo/Mono: Com Cord: Attached Weight: 15.2oz (431 grams) Warrenty: 5 Years Extras: Mil-Spec M642/4-1, M642/5-1 plugs Stereo, helicopter, coiled cord versions

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