Pilot PA12.8

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Vårt mest solgte passive headset. 

15.05.2024 Midlertidig utsolgt, ankommer lager igjen i slutten av mai

Refined comfort with dynamic performance. You will think you have amnesia as you forget about all the discomfort of your former headsets. Pillow cushion headpad caresses your head while the Gel ear seals mold gently to your ears. Hardware is high-tech black chrome. Features include: Noise Attenuation: 22dB Boom Type: Flexible Earseals: Gel Headpad: Soft Cushion Microphone: PA11 Electret Volume: Earcup control Stereo/Mono: Yes Com Cord: Attached Weight: 12.8oz (363 grams) Warrenty: 5 Years Extras: Helicopter version PA12.8H

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