Pilot PA18-72T ANR Headset

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Nytt ANR headset for Pilot Communication med aktiv støydemping. Meget behagelig å bruke (lett)

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The PA18-72 has superseded our PA17-72 which has been a popular choice with Pilots due to it being a very lightweight headset; this headset has been put into retirement after 20 years.
Using proven advanced electronics, we have made the 18-72 even more comfortable than the old 17-72 model. The 18-72 produces 30dB of Active Noise Reduction at 100Hz. 
Helicopter/Military options are available

Features include:
• Music Input: Yes
• Boom Type: All Flex
• Earseals: Airfoam (Dual Gel are available)
• Microphone: PA11 Electret
• Volume: Dual Controls
• Stereo/Mono: Yes
• Battery: Battery box 9V Alkaline (20-30hrs)
• ComCord: Attached
• Weight: 339g/11.95oz
• Warranty: 5 years
• Comes with a Pilot Padded Case 

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