Principles of Helicopter Flight ed 2006

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Vår mest solgte helicopter bok. Dette er 2006 utgaven, og det kom en ny utgave i 2011 (ikke stor forskjell)

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For the student learning to fly helicopters in the 21st century, this book is one of the essential keys to flight. Helicopter pilots need to thoroughly understand the consequences of their actions, and base them upon sound technical knowledge. This textbook provides a foundation by explaining why the helicopter flies and, more importantly, why it sometimes doesnt. It examines the aerodynamic factors associated with rotor stalls, mast bumping, wind effect, as well as maneuvering flight to include the hover, forward flight, the flare, and autorotation. Helicopter design and components, performance, and weight and balance is covered, along with special techniques such as different types of takeoffs and landings, operating on sloping surfaces, sling operations, mountain flying, and helicopter icing. Technical knowledge and sound handling are the crucial ingredients that make a safe pilot. This Second Edition benefits from additional discussion of the NOTAR system and strakes, as well as frequently misunderstood principles of airspeed and high altitude operations. The book also concludes with a multiple choice practice examination used in conjunction with quizzes for each chapter, the reader can test their grasp of helicopter aerodynamics. Soft Cover, 320 pages

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