Radio Uniden EZI 33 XLT Scanner

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Uniden Bearcat EZI 33XLT, the multi-band handheld scanner 183 channels, very complete, replacing the UBC 30XLT. 

Uniden-Bearcat Handheld Scanner The EZI-33XLT scanner from Uniden-Bearcat covers FM broadcast Radio Frequency, Aviation Band and amateur 2M and above, Marine VHF, band frequencies of the Public Service frequencies, Walkie-Talkies ) It has 183 memory channels with selectable channel steps including 8.33kHz for airband. Uniden has taken over the compact size and ease of use of the UBC-30XLT, while adding additional features The Uniden Bearcat EZI-33XLT is a handheld scanner, compact design. Its small size makes it easy to transport and allows the user to go to the field by attaching to a belt or putting it in a pocket. You will be able to record up to 183 frequencies in memory into this receiver. A function can scan these memories by frequency band or frequency selection. This feature allows you to easily find which frequencies are active in the aviation band, FM, amateur and PMR (walkie talkie) and others. Made of robust materials that can be put under strain. The fixed channels are placed into nine banks. One for each band and then they can be scanned. Then allowing easy access to the recorded frequencies.

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