Sunset to Sunrise Night Flight Techniques

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Nattflygning, en utfordring for de fleste. Denne boken hjelper deg i gang.

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ight flight is one of the most pleasant forms of flight. Every city looks good at night. The sparkling lights, stars, moon and reflections combine to produce a spectacle many only dream about. However, night flight requires different technique, perspective, and considerations than day operations. The aircraft must be flown with reference to the flight instruments, and the outside visual references take on new importance while at the same time providing different illusions. Night flight can be a test for even the most experienced pilot. Veteran author David Robson prepares readers for the unique considerations involved with night operations with information and practical techniques on: Flying on instruments Weather Human factors, including night vision, fatigue, hypoxia, and more The regulations governing night operations Preflight preparations Aircraft and airport lighting Cross-country planning, navigating using both pilotage and dead reckoning Takeoffs and landings Emergency situations Readers will come away equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy the night flying experience to the fullest. Soft cover, 208 pages, 7-1/4" x 9", indexed and illustrated.

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