Tecnam FaceShield

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Spesialmaske med totalbeskyttelse mot Covid-19 og andre sykdommer.

 It is hoped that this PPE offering will assist schools and form a part of their risk assessments with a view to returning to approved training flights whilst meeting social distancing guidelines. The shield is sprayed during the manufacturing process with an anti-fog solution.

The Tecnam TFS (Face Shield) provides eye protection against droplets and sprays of fluids containing biological agents, while also protecting the nose and mouth from direct inhalation of biological matter that may contain the coronavirus.

The TFS-15 device is a total face visor. It can be used in combination with corrective lenses or glasses and, through the elastic support bands, it adapts to different adult face shapes.

The device can be used in conjunction with surgical masks or airway protection PPE such as facial filters (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3).The device is equipped with a sanitary polyolefin foam interface band that covers the front and side areas of the eyes.

The device has been designed to protect the user from exposure to biologically exclusive liquid drops, sprays and splashes according to UNI EN 166:2004. The shape of the visor is such that the airflow of inhalation and exhalation is directed towards the rear of the user, in order to limit the spread of biological agents.

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