The Claw Aircraft Tie Down System

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The only tie down with a mechanical advantage - the harder you pull, the more it grips the earth. The "Claw(R)" Aircraft Anchoring System kit contains three collapsible triangular mechanical anchors. Each leg of the anchor has provisions for a special spike that is inserted and driven into the ground. Due to the angle of each spike in the ground, the anchors resist vertical force at the center ring/rope. Features: Protect your investment with this Revolutionary aircraft anchoring system Easy installation. Easy removal. No more struggling with screw-in anchors The "Claw(R)" is designed exclusively for aircraft with 1200 lb capacity per tie down The "Claw(R)" is the last tie down you will ever have to buy - Lifetime Warranty Large foot print spreads the load over a larger area for maximum holding power The greater the load the more The "Claw(R)" grips the earth Ideal for all high wing and low wing aircraft Works in hard clay, sandy soil or anything in between Low profile will not puncture tires Complete System weighs only 8 lbs (Including Hammer) Made of aircraft aluminum with corrosion resistant die cast zinc plated steel spikes 25 feet of 3/8" solid braid polyester rope included Anchoring system hammer doubles as removal tool The "Claw(R)" kit includes: Carry bag, 3 Anchors; 9 spikes; 1 hammer; and 25-ft rope Limited lifetime warranty Highest quality materials and Made in the USA!

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