The Microlight Syllabus Weight Shift

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The Microlight Syllabus Weight Shift
The Microlight Syllabus Made Simple 'Weight-shift'. The Microlight Syllabus Made Simple (Weight-Shift) book offers: · Easy to read format · Clear, colour line drawings · Details of 'what to expect' in the course The Microlight Syllabus Made Simple "Weight-Shift' by Chris Stow. Written by a qualified flying instructor on both Weight-Shift and 3-Axis Microlight's, this manual extends the syllabus into an easy read for the student pilot wishing to gain an NPPL (m) on Weight-Shift Microlight's. It helps with the assistance of your chosen instructor and 'what to expect' during and before each exercise is undertaken. Developed originally for the authors own students, as they needed to supply a manual to explain their next lesson, it is now offered to a wider market. It covers, in detail all exercises from the first air experience (exercises 1-3) up to and including navigation (exercise 18) and offers colour line drawings to further clarify the text. Invaluable to all Microlight Weight-Shift students. Spiral bound. 113 pages.
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