The Savvy Flight Instructor

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Subtitled Secrets of the Successful CFI, this book provides a wealth of information for instructors to keep students coming in and keep their training effective.
The Savvy Flight Instructor: Secrets of the Successful CFI teaches tips and strategies useful for flight instructors, flight schools, and managers to help them recruit new and return flight students as well as increase students' skills and customer satisfaction. As a newly certified Flight Instructor, a pilot can be faced with a difficult prospect — how to make a living, build piloting hours, find the best place to instruct, find flight students in the first place… and keep the fun in flying at the same time. Author and flight instructor Greg Brown offers enthusiastic (as well as humorous) help for flight instructors to do just these things. This book promotes professionalism in flight instructing, gives marketing suggestions to both individual instructors and flight schools, and provides insight into the successful tricks of the trade. Flight school managers will benefit from a special chapter dedicated to the unique dynamics of a flight school, “The Flight School: Framework for Success.” Through innovative techniques, this section shows how flight schools can revamp marketing and student-recruiting strategies, and explains where today’s opportunities are. Greg Brown’s love for flying is obvious in every chapter, as is his concern for the image of the flight instructor and school — that they perform the best they can to seek out, promote, and sustain the joy of flight for the good of the entire industry. Author Greg Brown, 2000 Industry/FAA National Flight Instructor of the Year and a flight instructor since 1979, is an enthusiastic general aviation advocate who exhorts flight instructors to strive for professionalism, and gives vital guidance for advancing their careers while helping to promote general aviation. Foreword by Sean Elliott, Executive Director of NAFI.
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