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Boken for deg som søker jobb i flyselskap!
In Your Job Search Partner, author Cheryl Cage offers professionals, in any field, an extensive, positive, step-by-step guide to marketing themselves more effectively while helping them uncover hidden talents and strengths. Armed with Cheryl’s motivational real-life advice, even a professional feeling unorganized and unprepared can implement an organized, positive and effective job search in just 10 days! Valuable for professionals in any field, Your Job Search Partner, helps you: * Cultivate a positive attitude * Organize a job search workspace * Develop (at least) 8 opportunity-producing networking strategies * Discover and research every possible company of interest * Gain a clear understanding of the interviewing process * Learn to discuss experiences that best demonstrate skills and personality * Write and design a resume and all required job search letters * Avoid 18 of the most common job search and interviewing mistakes * Calm 17 common fears experienced by job seekers * Assess physical presentation and prepare for interviews Also Included: Skills assessment worksheets for those uncertain of their career niche.
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